Hobbywing 120A-V4 Speed Controller

Hobbywing 120A-V4 Speed Controller

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Platinum-120A-V4 (500-550 CLASSES HELIS)  Product ID: HW30203401

BEC:                              YES - Built in bec
Governor:                     YES - Built in Internal governor
LiPo Cells:                    3-6S
Shell:                             Aluminum alloy shell
Programming:              Separate port for ESC programming (this port is also the FAN port, we can match a separate program cable for you, so this cable can be removed easily)
Parameter:                    You can program your ESC with a LCD program box and a programming cable or an Android/iOS smartphone, a WiFi Express*.
DEO Technology:         YES
Spark-Proof feature:    YES

*Before the ESC programming, you need to plug one end of the programming cable in the ESC port on the LCD program box, the other end (of the programming cable) to the FAN/PRG. Or you need to connect the WiFi Express to the ESC. Certainly, a battery is needed in both situations.

Platinum 120A V4, another high-and ESC 


Excellent Motor Speed Governing

High-performance 32-bit processor combined with advanced algorithm makes the motor speed-governing excellent for different conditions. With the adjustable sensitivity of speed-governing, every pilot can find the most suitable settings for his helicopter.

Super Soft Start-up

The ESC makes the motor start extremely soft and avoids tail-drift issues of helicopter.The start-up time is adjustable within 8 to 25 seconds, this will definitely create a perfect starting point for every flight.

Super BEC

The built-in switch mode BEC with a continuously adjustable output voltage, range from 5V to 8V(step: 0.1V). It is certain to put out the power you need for rapid, precise steering servo operation.

DEO Technology

The DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization, or so called "Active Freewheeling") technology implemented in the ESC has multiple advantages.

● Quicker response to the throttle change.

● Higher driving efficiency, longer flight time.

● Lower ESC temperature and a more reliable operation.

Four Brake Modes

The ESC has “Brake Disabled, Normal Brake, Proportional Brake and Reverse Brake” four brake modes. The brake amount is adjustable in normal brake mode; in proportional brake mode, the brake force will be automatically allocated based on the position of the radio throttle stick; in reverse brake mode, the motor rotation can be changed via a spare transmitter channel.

Multiple Protections

Multiple protection features include ESC thermal, capacitor thermal (HOBBYWING-patented technology), ESC overload, throttle signal loss (or Fail Safe), and low voltage cutoff effectively prolongs the service life of the ESC.

Other Features

A separate programming port for connecting the programmer on the ESC allows user to:

● Program ESC,

● check flight data include minimum voltage, maximum temperature, standardized RPM and speed curve (in Heli Governing Store mode) of the flight data recorded by the ESC,

● Upgrade ESC firmware

With a multifunction LCD program box or a Wi-Fi Module & our Apple/Android phone App

Built-in Sparkproof Circuit*

Built-in sparkproof circuit effectively eliminates sparks produced at the “powering-on” moment and prolongs the connectors' lifespan. 

*Note: Only Platinum-HV-130A-V4 & Platnium-HV-130A-OPTO-V4 have this unique feature.)

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