Platinum-200A-V4 HV

Platinum-200A-V4 HV

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Governor:                     YES - Built in Internal governor
LiPo Cells:                    6-14S
Shell:                             Aluminum alloy shell
Programming:             Separate port for ESC programming(this port is also the FAN port, we can match a separate program cable for you, so this cable can be removed easily)
Parameter:                    You can program your ESC with a LCD program box and a programming cable or an Android/iOS smartphone, a WiFi Express*.
DEO Technology:         YES
Spark-Proof feature:    YES

*Before the ESC programming, you need to plug one end of the programming cable in the ESC port on the LCD program box, the other end (of the programming cable) to the FAN/PRG. Or you need to connect the WiFi Express to the ESC. Certainly, a battery is needed in both situations.

Although HOBBYWING 200A-HV ESC has an internal governor works really good, many 3D pilots may prefer to use the internal governor on their flybarless controllers. Is there a known issue(s) or is this something that did not come up in testing?
• The Platinum-200A-HV ESC has a built-in internal governor which works very well; however it can use external governor on the flybarless controller.
o The RPM signal is output from the thin yellow wire.
o Please select the flight mode to "fixed-wing" instead of any heli mode, then the soft start-up and governor function will be realized by the flybarless controller instead of the Platinum-200A-HV ESC. (In the fixed-wing flight mode, the programmable items of "start-up time", "Governor Parameter P", "Governor Parameter I", "Auto restart time", "Restart Acceleration Time" are all invalid)
o Please don't select "Heli (Linear Throttle)" flight mode for external governor. In this mode the ESC still has some control to the start-up RPM and the throttle response, so the ESC may cause some conflicts with the flybarless controller.
I know there is a logging feature with the Hobbywing program box. Is the logging compatible with the Jeti Jlog protocol? I have not used this personally but I know that the speed help guys are using this.
No. At this moment, it is not compatible to their system as they use different protocol

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