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Specific for Goblin 380 three-blade. 
Flight type: acrobatic sports / 3D

The new 360mm BlackLine blade is the last product that SAB Heli Division offers for 3D flight in the world of three blade rotors. This solution offers an high agility thanks to weight and dimensions reduction maintaining all BlackLine performances. 
"Tapered tip has three effects: reduces rotor aerodynamic drag, gets the center of gravity close to rotation axis and reduces noise. 
"The symmetric profile ha lower thickness and little chord. It offers better reacction to flybarless systems and it maintains high aerodynamic and structural performances. 
"The reduced weight and the center of gravity position are chosen in order to get a better rotor response from pilot's control. 
Every feature is chosen in order to take advantage three blade rotor qualities. 

Technical data: 
Length: 360 mm 
Width: 31 mm 
Root: 5 mm 
Bolt Hole: 3 mm

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