Hudy Grafite grease

Hudy Grafite grease

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Hudy Graphite Grease 106210

HUDY Graphite Grease is a high-performance, advanced-technology semi-fluid lubricant which incorporate both extreme pressure additives and finely dispersed graphite for load carrying. It is intended primarily for the lubrication of rotating parts and loaded gears. In addition to providing outstanding load carrying, it is formulated to have excellent adhesion and resistance to "fling-off" under extreme conditions. The grease reduces wear and increase the parts life.

The HUDY Graphite Grease comes in a handy small tube and is easy to apply.

• Special formulation provides outstanding load-carrying and anti-wear properties

• Superior protection against wear, resulting in reduced gear replacement costs and increased part life

• Efficient operation, good low temperature start-up and reduced energy consumption

• Very good protection against rust and corrosion

• Very good adhesion reduces fling-off and consumption


• Thrust bearing

• Diff gears

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