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Goblin Black Thunder Sport

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The Thunder sport will be available from September 28th. 


The Thunder sport has been developed to provide the best performance for the best price. 

Delivering maximum FUN for your money with lower than every canopy, boom and side frame cost, providing the best solution while delivering consistent performance in line with the Thunder Family.

The Thunder Sport is all about Fun and performance on a budget.

• Stylish fiberglass canopy weighing in at 230gm.  

• New carbon tail boom manufactured using an innovative lower cost. 

• Strong, proven HPS black matte head, perfect for all flight abilities and conditions.

• Stable wide landing gear, for safer landings and stable take offs. 

• G10 mainframe delivers performance on a budget. Compatible with the standard carbon frame to allow simple upgrading. 

• No blades included, giving you more freedom to choose your style and control your budge

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