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The Thunder SPORT Havok 3 blades edition is agile, smooth and stable. Delivering maximum FUN for your money with lower than every canopy, boom and side frame cost, providing the best solution while delivering consistent performance in line with the Thunder Family. The Thunder Sport is all about Fun and performance!



General specifications:

Includes 60A SAB ESC
Includes 4 servos
Competition Motor HE015
Red aluminium blade Grips Arms
Red aluminium Bell Crank
Red Aluminium Servo Support
Yellow Havok Lighter FG canopy
Yellow Havok carbon-reinforced boom
  • Havok new matte scheme
  • Main rotor diameter: 1582 mm with 690 mm size blades
  • Tail rotor diameter: 305 mm with 115 mm size tail blades
  • Air frame weight: 3000 g
  • Approximate weight RTF: 5400 grams
  • Cyclic servos: standard size (40 mm)
  • Tail servos: standard size (40 mm)
  • Typical battery setup: 12S – 5000 mAh (from 4500 to 5500)
  • Typical ESC setup: 160A Esc
  • Typical Motor setup: 520 Kw
  • Battery compartment: 60x58x350mm
  • Motor size: maximum 64 mm diameter, maximum height 64 mm

Kit Includes:

  • Main and tail blades
  • Motor Pulley 21T
  • 2 sets battery tray


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